Mindful and Meditative Coloring


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Mindful and Meditative coloring published by Pagestreet Publishing Co. is now available around the world!!  This book includes more than forty beautiful and intricate drawings with inspirational quotes on each page. 

In these tough times all we can do is be calm and support each other and this is a wonderful book that will help calm your mind and I hope you get to experience the same sense of satisfaction that I did while working on this book.... I am really happy to share some of the drawings shared by our artists!!

Calm your Inner Thoughts, Express your Inner Artist!!

If you have already got your copy thank you so much and I hope you are having fun! You can use any brand of color pencils, just make sure to sharpen it often and for adding details micro tip pens, metallic pens, brush markers can also be used. 

So grab you coloring tools and let your Inner artist evolve!! 


Mindful and meditative coloring -flip through

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