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Intricate + Beautiful ❤️

Hello! I am a freelance artist and illustrator mostly known for my fashion
technical drawings, coloring book, illustrations, surface pattern designs and Thangka painting.

To inquire about licensing or collaboration please fill the contact form or

email at

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Mindful and Meditative coloring book

Calm Your Inner Thoughts, Express Your Inner Artist!

Let your imagination run wild with more than 40 calming illustrations. 

Surface Pattern Design

I’m a surface pattern designer with a passion for intricate and beautiful compositions!

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thangka 3.jpg

Thangka Painting

Thangka painting, is a traditional Buddhist painting on cotton with elaborate compositions. 

Clients and Collabs

As a freelance illustrator I have created technical drawings, illustrations, surface patterns, coloring pages, graphic and much more for clients all around the world. 

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