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The first time I saw White Tara painting I couldn't take my eyes off her!! And that was the moment I thought of my first thangka. 

White Tara, also called "the Mother of all Buddhas" is the perfect embodiment of graceful power, wisdom, and purity. She symbolizes transcendent knowledge, perfect harmony, and longevity. White Tara has seven eyes, one on each palm and foot, and three on her face including one in the forehead symbolizing her omniscient vision.

Since this was my first painting I was anxious most of the time and thats when Master told me how important trust is between a master and student when you want to learn sacred art! Only when you let yourself go and devote yourself you can learn the most and be one with the art. 

It's been years but even today when I am disturbed inside I love to look at her.... and it is one of the things I cherish the most. ❤️


© by Geetanjali
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