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Hello! I’m a surface pattern designer with a passion for intricate and beautiful compositions!
I always try to explore new themes and concepts using digital mediums like illustrator, photoshop and procreate as well as traditional mediums like watercolor and gouache. I have been designing patterns for last six years and it has been an amazing journey so far..
Below you’ll see a small selection of my most recent work; I license art either on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. If you wish to create something new and exciting I would love to do that too!  
Think my work would be a good fit for your next project? I’d love to hear from you!

For sales, licensing and commissions please email:

collection for website-01A.png
collection for website-02_edited.jpg
© by Geetanjali

Check out my Soonflower shop for the complete collection and latest prints!

Whether you’re an art director, art buyer or agent and would like to check out my complete portfolio or if you have any questions, licensing inquires or you’re interested in working together on bespoke commissioned designs please fill out the contact form or email

I’ll be happy to get back to you!

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