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Well this time all I knew was that I wanted to make a black thangka! So I let my teachers decide the deity and it was Palden Lhamo also known as Sri Devi. She is  the only female protector deity in the group of Dharmapalas. This ferocious and bloodthirsty deity is deeply revered in all Buddhism.

When I looked at the picture I didn't know how I was going to even start and that's when Master told me don't look at the whole painting just think of one thing at a time and that's how its done. I focused on the elements one after the other and in few months this masterpiece came to life...

This painting is very special to me as it always reminds me of how we all have so much talent inside but only a great master can help you realise it!! I am blessed to have Master Locho and Sarika mam as my teachers. ❤️


© by Geetanjali
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