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This beautifully intricate and elaborate thangka represents Buddha Shakyamuni accompanied by Manjushri, Bodhisattva of Great Wisdom and Maitreya Buddha also known as future Buddha.

In the very center of this painting Buddha Shakyamuni is seen meditating in the “earth touching gesture” on a lotus. Directly above Lord Buddha is an image of Garuda, the devourer of snakes. Garuda symbolizes the space element  and the power of the sun. To Garuda’s right and left are Naga Kanyas. These engaging figures have a human torso and the body of a snake. They are the goddesses of the three realms and pour their blessings of water on the worlds of the spirits, animals and humans.Below each of the Naga Kanya’s are Makaras, according to Buddhist tradition, these hybrids originated during the time immediately after the Buddha’s awakening.

I had a wonderful time painting this in the guidance my masters and I am really grateful to everyone who was a part of this journey. 



© by Geetanjali
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