Hello! I am Geetanjali, an author, illustrator, surface pattern designer and Thangka painter from India.

After graduating from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai, I started my career as a designer but very soon I realised I wasn't made for jobs and started freelancing. Since then my extensive freelance experience has covered a broad range of clients and projects. But honestly I wanted something more than just work so I started travelling and learning new art forms..Thanks to my loving husband Packo Baing for always introducing me to new opportunities. Thangka painting being the most significant one of them which transformed me and my perspective towards art completely. As I kept painting for hours I realised how important every single stroke is! because that's what guarantees a beautiful painting just like that living and being aware every moment makes a life worth living!! So now all I do is do what I love!! and that makes my art beautiful ❤️

 Please feel free to contact me to discuss licensing my work, commissioning new designs,

or just to say hi. I’d love to hear from you.

P.S.  I ❤️ INDIA.